Breaking Bad – Crafting a TV Pilot

I think the hardest thing to learn about video and film production isn’t directing, cinematography, sound, or editing. There are tons of beautifully shot and edited TV and movie flops.

The real linchpin is story.

It’s the hardest easiest thing to learn. It can be grasped by a child, yet it can flummox even the most established writer/director/producer.

I personally have never watched Breaking Bad. But I’ve always admired the story.

So, let’s take a look at how they built the pilot that the stage for the most critically acclaimed TV show of all time. 1

  1. 2013 Guinness World Record 

Paradise Lost

Sidetracked has a glorious article and short film about ultra-distance runner Anna Frost, about finding home, identity, and joy.

“Somewhere I had learned that I wasn’t enough, and running had become the thing I had created for myself. So running was who I was. And that’s not right.” – Anna Frost


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